Kauri Dieback
Department of Conservation

Aotearoa’s native kauri trees are being threatened with extinction by kauri dieback disease. Kauri dieback kills almost all the trees it infects and is easily spread through soil movement, including humans transferring spores on their footwear. There is currently no proven treatment for kauri dieback, so stopping the spread of the disease is incredibly important to preserve kauri forests for future generations.
DOC already had an instructional video that covered the basics of staying on the tracks and cleaning shoes. What they were wanting from us was an animation that created a more emotive connection with the audience and made them feel personally empowered in taking action to stop the spread of the disease. The idea was to create a connection with Aotearoa’s oldest and most visited kauri tree, Tāne Mahuta, and highlight the importance of protecting him, and our kauri forests, for everyone to enjoy.
Client: Department of Conservation
Directed by: National Park