Electoral Commission

In the lead up to the 2020 New Zealand general election we worked with the Electoral Commission to revamp some of their "How to" videos on enrolling, voting, and MMP (New Zealand's election system).
A priority for the videos was to engage Aotearoa's youth as they are especially under represented in enrolling and voting - this resulted in us developing a colourful and energetic style, with bold patterns and stylised characters, to appeal to this audience. The youthful style ended up being a hit with the Electoral Commission and they rolled out elements of it across their website, Facebook and Instagram feed too. The videos were hosted on the Electoral Commission's social channels and their website, and used in classrooms as educational tools. One even sneaked it's way into TV3s election day coverage.
We designed a number of bold text frames in each animation to make sure the main content was easily digestible in a social feed, as well as creating a number of bite sized cut downs for quick delivery of the main points. The videos were animated in two language versions, both te reo Māori and English, which included separate voice overs and text animation.
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Client: Electoral Commission
Directed by: National Park